Leonid Beaudragon is a famous ghost-hunter who, with the help of his devoted assistant, Mademoiselle Sonia-Solange (or "So"), fearlessly investigates the supernatural.

His first adventure pits him against a Chinese ghost in an abandoned Parisian house. Then he travels to Canada to face Native American spirits. Finally, in his third story, Leonid goes hunting an underwater monster.

Leonid Beaudragon 1: Le fantôme du Mandchou fou (story) (drawn by Didier Savard), Bayard (1986)
Leonid Beaudragon 2: La nuit des totems (story) (drawn by Didier Savard), Alpen Publishers (1990)
Leonid Beaudragon 3: Le scaphandrier du lundi (story) (drawn by Didier Savard), Alpen Publishers (1992)