[The Unspeakables]
(co-created with writer Yann LePennetier)

The books are listed here according to the internal chronological order of the series, NOT the publication date.

1.  Matricule Triple Zero (Dargaud, 1979)

2.  Shukumei (Glénat, 1980)

3.  Aventure en Jaune [Adventure in Yellow] (Temps Futurs, 1982; revised, Glenat 1986; revised again, Dargaud, 1996)

4.  Le Crane du Pere Ze [The Skull of Father Ze] (two covers, Dargaud, 1992; third cover, Dargaud, 1999)

5.  Ching Soao (Dargaud, 1993; new cover, Dargaud, 1999)

6.  Au Lotus Pourpre [The Purple Lotus] (two covers, Dargaud, 1994; third cover, Dargaud, 1999)

7.  Alix Noni Tengu (two versions, Dargaud, 1995; third cover, Dargaud, 1999) (The version of the far left features a "happy ending" (not real); the one in the middle a more tragic ending (real).)

8.  Cloaques [Cesspool] (Dargaud, 1997)

9.  Poupee de Bronze [Bonze Puppet] (Dargaud, 1998)

10. Pas-de-Machoire [No-Jaws] (Dargaud, 2000)