PAUL POPE's first graphic novel, SIN TITULO, was published by Horse Press in 1993 and immediately drew considerable attention. He followed it with THE BALLAD OF DR. RICHARDSON, an urban romance, drawn in a stark, expressionistic black-and-white brushline. BALLAD was nominated for several major comics awards, and established Paul as one of the brightest new stars in the world of comics.  

His next project,
THB, an exuberantly surrealistic 400-page graphic novel, was the largest monthly comic-book ever to be produced and published in America.

Pope's recent projects include
THE ONE-TRICK RIP-OFF, a film noir-like thriller, published by Dark Horse Comics, and ESCAPO, the tale of an Escape Artist's deal with Death.

Pope has also contributed
SUPERTROUBLE, a wild and saucy adventure story, for Japanese publisher Kodansha; and HEAVY LIQUID and 100% for DC Comics' Vertigo imprint.