Writer Tom VEITCH has been writing novels, poetry, screenplays and comics since the early 1970s.  
His comics work began in San Francisco, where he teamed up with artist Greg Irons to create underground characters such as
JUMPIN' JACK FLESH, OUR MUTANT BROTHERS, and VINCE SHAZAM. A decade later, Tom followed his brother Rick into mainstream comics.  

His first major creator-owned project for Epic was
THE LIGHT & DARKNESS WAR, created with Scottish artist, Cam KENNEDY for Epic.

was born on October 15, 1944, in Glasgow, Scotland, U.K. His past comics include JUDGE DREDD and ROGUE TROOPER for 2,000 A.D.DAREDEVIL and PUNISHER for Marvel;  SPECTRE, LOBO and BATMAN vd. JUDGE DREDD for DC;  STAR WARS: DARK EMPIRE and STAR WARS: DARK EMPIRE 2 (also written by Veitch) for Dark Horse -- two series that virtually relaunched the STAR WARS franchise in comics.

For DC Comics,
Tom VEITCH went on to co-create THE NAZZ (with artist Bryan Talbot), MY NAME IS CHAOS (with artist John Ridgway); and CLASH (with artist Adam Kubert).