Timmy Cranium

Timmy and the Cranium family, who live in the Holler of Coal Car Flats are like your typical back woods, inbred, hill folk. Solid Americans! They believe dogs can see ghosts, like to park their cars in the living room, believe in God, the Devil, that Elvis is still alive, and go to church on Sunday.

Timmy works at the truck stop on the "innerstate" called the Wagon Wheel where his Maw is the short order cook.

Timmy is simple, loyal, good natured and the most honest person in the entire town. While he may look strange, his heart is the most pure. A heart that beats with love for his pet pig Eunid. Timmy's always trying real hard to save up enough money for an operation to Eunid into a human girl, cause his Paw, Bueford won't let him marry her, unless she becomes a human. While Timmy's not too sharp in the head, he constantly fantasizes and dreams about being a big Hollywood Movie Star and comes up with all kinds of crazy plans and schemes to get rich and make his dreams come true.

But every time Timmy gets ahead or saves a little money up, he loses it or gets tricked out of it by con men and the other hill folk of Coal Car flats, including members of his own family.